Gourmet hog kitchens “Umble pies”

The best types of food are always the simplest and that is certainly the case with the humble pie.

“Umble pies” Based in Selsey and delivering to your door.

We’re champions of the traditional Yorkshire pie.

There is nothing better than a perfect pie in crumbly flaky handmade pastry,  All our pies are homemade to absolute perfection and made fresh every single day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “Umble pies, the stuff that dreams are made of” you’ll be drooling as soon as you smell these coming piping hot out of the oven.

But what could be better than a steaming, meaty pie? Nothing, that’s what.

Perfectly seasoned fillings with golden crunchy pastry,

Our best sellers never fail and you won’t believe your pies.

Umble pies best sellers:

  • Beef shin n local ale ( The crab pot) pie
  • Braised beef shin and mushroom pie
  • Roast chicken with leek and mushrooms pie
  • Braised beef with mature Stilton pie
  • Old-fashioned meat n potato pie
  • English classic simple minced beef and onion pie
  • Beef – cheese and Smokey bacon pie
  • Vegetarian sweet potato and chickpea tikka pie

We make any pie you fancy, all our pies are created for you to just bang in the oven.

You’ll never be able to look at other pies the same way again.

Our Umble pies come in 4 sizes:

  • Individual – it’s quite a big individual pie certainly a filler
  • Medium – good for two greedy people or even three
  • Large – Family pie full up, heavy and great big 4 or 5 portions
  • Extra Large – bigger than big! Easily a 6 – 8 portion family treat

We also make fantastic Sausage rolls and wonderful pasties.

Why not try our box of 4 big Sausage rolls made with our own Cumberland mix with some great extras like – Marmite / Branston pickle/ caramelised onion/ cranberry/ English mustard.  There big and full of great flavour.

Ask about our individual Sausage and Egg pie, it’s like a gala pie but better.

Our pasties are simply the best and can have any filling, Why not try our steak n stilton pasties yum, or Traditional Cornish style pasties.

Call to book your pie treat:  07789884623 / 07838353124 or search for us on Facebook.

“Umble pies work hard stay Humble”